Why Surround Networks?

Imagine that while businesses can easily establish an online presence (website) nowadays, attracting and announcing their business presence to unlimited people on the internet, businesses have no easy means of attracting and announcing their presence to the surrounding people (potential customers) in the vicinity of their business location.

While businesses can send promotional emails and e-coupons to people at their homes, they can't send promotional messages to these on-the-go people in the area but not yet in front of their businesses (e.g., at a nearby bus stop, entering the shopping mall, etc). These customers will be more likely to come immediately for relevant promotions.

Similarly, while internet users can readily find information such as locations of bus stops or transit stations from their home PC, they can’t readily discover such information while they are on the go, when they need it the most, for example, to locate the nearest bus stop from their position wherever they are, or to pull out the schedules of those buses that stop there.

This is a market that has been underserved, especially with the increasing availability of GPS-enabled phones that are becoming more common, and the increasing usage of mobile internet (due to increasing availability of the devices and the shrinking costs of wireless data plan).

Surround Networks aims to address this market, enabling people to connect to their surroundings, and enabling businesses and venues to connect to their surrounding people. Surround Networks is aimed at addressing the "first mile" digital connection and interaction between businesses and mobile users within the "first mile" radius of the business location.

For Businesses, Surround Networks is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) offering for location-based marketing and location-based services. As Surround Networks for Businesses is a hosted self-service tool, businesses do not need to install or maintain any server at their business establishment to do location-based marketing or to offer mobile customer services. Businesses can enter and manage their marketing / services data through self-service Surround Control Panel. More on Surround Networks for Businesses.

Mobile users can use Surround Networks via any internet-connected mobile devices, desktops, and laptops. Although useful, GPS is not required to use Surround Networks. More on Surround Networks for Mobile Users.
What is Surround Networks?

Surround Networks enables businesses and mobile users to connect and interact, when within "proximity".
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