Surround Networks for Businesses

Surround Networks enables mobile users and businesses to connect and interact
Businesses, reach out and connect to mobile users / end users in your surrounding, for purposes of:
  • Marketing / promoting your products & services to mobile users in your vicinity.
  • Offering useful services that enhance the customer experience, while around your venue.
  • Detecting potential customers as they enter proximity.
Surround Networks offerings enable businesses to have:
  1. Surround Presence, the base minimum feature allowing their business presence (including their business website) to be discovered by surrounding mobile users through proximity,
  2. Surround Services, a more advanced feature that enables businesses to offer additional mobile services to their nearby customers or potential customers to further promote their products and services, e.g., announcements, promotions, schedules, menu, venue maps, etc (which are built-in services in our offering); and finally
  3. Surround Marketing, the most advanced feature enabling proactive location-based marketing, allowing businesses to proactively detect potential customers as they enter proximity and act on the information to attract them.
Sample use cases:
  • I want people in the vicinity of my business location to automatically discover my business website, not through typing URL, but through automatic discovery due to their proximity to my business location.
  • I want to be able to detect potential customers as they enter the proximity, and alert them with marketing / promotional messages.
Get started now (free):
It's a hosted solution. No server is needed on your end. Manage through self-service Surround Control Panel. Now open for Singapore area:
  • "Publish" your business presence, wirelessly.
  • Offer promotions & location-based services to your customers.
  • Detect potential customers as they enter proximity, and alert them with messages.
What is Surround Networks?

Surround Networks enables businesses and mobile users to connect and interact, when within "proximity".
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