Surround Networks for Mobile Users

Surround Networks enables mobile users and businesses to connect and interact
Mobile users, discover your surroundings! Using Surround Networks, you can now connect to businesses & venues in your vicinity, via your mobile device:
  • Discover & access businesses and venues around your location
  • Pull out information offered by surroundings, e.g., promotions, schedules, maps, etc
  • Discover websites, through proximity (instead of through URL)
Sample use cases:
  • Shoppers want to discover first, what’s new and what’s on sale, happening at which stores, before exploring shopping area.
  • Transit riders, while on the go, locate the nearest bus stop from their position wherever they are, and pull out the schedules of those buses that stop there.
  • Visitors staying in hotels connect to restaurants in their vicinity, browse restaurant menu, discover coupons / specials, and order for delivery.
Get started (it's free*):
If you are located in Singapore, go to on your browser:
  • GPS-enabled phone: download Surround Networks GPS Location Updater application there.
  • Non-GPS phone: enter your location manually (e.g., address, or Surround Networks Location Code posted around your location, if you see the signage).
  • Desktop: use Wi-Fi positioning or enter your location manually.
* Wireless carrier data charges may apply
What is Surround Networks?

Surround Networks enables businesses and mobile users to connect and interact, when within "proximity".
Get Started (free)

Type in this URL into your phone’s browser or your desktop’s browser: