Surround Networks services enable mobile users and businesses to connect and interact when within proximity
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Introducing Surround Networks...
Surround Networks enables you to:
  • View map of your location, and surrounding businesses & services
  • Discover what's new, what's on sale, at which stores around you
  • Access floor-plan maps & search directory service of shopping malls
  • Locate nearest bus stops, MRT stations, taxi stands; access real-time estimates of next bus arrival times
  • Locate car parks, hotels (with rate info), churches (with service schedules), free Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Browse restaurant menu in your surroundings
  • Discover websites, through proximity (instead of URL)... etc.
Tour packages and travel deals from Singapore
  • Discover your surroundings as you go...
  • Connect to real-time information around you...
  • Access nearby live services via your device...
"Never get lost and uninformed again. Surround Networks, not only pinpoints your location, but also informs you with what you wish to know in your surroundings, and offers you live services to help you plan out your next activity."
From your mobile or desktop go to:
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Works on both GPS and non-GPS phones.
Accessible from most mobile phones (including iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Mobile, etc), plus desktops and laptops.
It is FREE.*
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Access it from your mobile phone or computer (it's free*).
Only subset of services available in "Beta" release.
*Wireless data charges may apply.